Virtually the best comedy gig in the world?

Posted by Edward Whelan, Mon 08 Jun 2009

It started as a joke: why donít you just do it online? But after gigging in front of a poor turnout, it got comedian Tiernan Douieb thinking. Why not do a gig online? And thus the all new Twitter Comedy Club was born.
Opening on the 8 June, it is perhaps the worldís first online comedy club.

Their inaugural line up is impressive: TV regular Mark Watson will be there, alongside Mitch Benn from Radio 4ís The Now Show amongst others. So how is it all going to work? In fact itís pretty simple and will work much like a regular comedy night. Youíll have a selection of different comedians and a compere to keep things chugging smoothly along.
You can even heckle. The challenge is how acts and hecklers alike may be forced to adjust their acts to fit the twitter format: 140 character tweets.

The club has already garnered over four thousand followers, possibly due to Stephen Fry giving it a thumbs up from his own twitter, or possibly because a lot of us like the idea of being able to enjoy a free live gig while staying in and cuddling on the sofa.

And you might just see history in the making while you're at it.


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