Twitter Comedy is the brainchild of comedian and incessant tweeter, Tiernan Douieb.
In early 2009, Tiernan took part in a poorly attended gig in London & complained to his online followers on twitter about the small audience. Responses came thick and fast that he should have just tweeted the gig to them.
And so, an idea formed...

On June 8th 2009 Tiernan and eight other comics became the first line up to perform a full gig over twitter.
This idiotic and (some said) revolutionary experiment/gig gained international press coverage.
Tiernan found himself being interviewed by Canadian papers & translated into Norwegian.
In the event, roughly 14,000 tweeters watched it unfold live online at the time of the first gig, with who knows how many more watching via other means such as tweetdeck, etc...

After the first gig's success, we decided to raise the stakes and so, on August 19th 2009 the second Twitter Comedy Club opened its doors to real people as well as virtual ones.

As part of the 5 Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival, we gathered the cream of the fringe & got them to perform a real gig, which was simultaneously tweeted in real time.
With an audience at the gig and an online audience all over the world it was, as predicted, a very merry mess.

'the mad experiment was definitely a success' - The Guardian

You can now read transcripts of the first two gigs via the links above, and there is a possibilty there might be more events in the future. Watch this space for more info, should any more come to pass!

If you need to ask us anything, do drop us a line at @tweetcomedyclub on twitter. Cheers