So far, the following acts have graced the Twitter Comedy Club's "stage"...

Tiernan Douieb
Tiernan Douieb - Instigator of this whole damned mess.
Chris Cox
Chris Cox - Mind reader type, 'One of the most exciting entertainers in Britain' The Guardian.
Also I produce at Radio 1.
Matt Kirshen
Matt Kirshen - I make jokes. People sometimes enjoy. Repeat.
Kiosk Of Champions
Kiosk Of Champions - MOOOOOOOON!
Rob Heeney
Rob Heeney - Stand-up comedian-/-writer-type thing
Catie Wilkins
Catie Wilkins - Writer, comedian, nitwit.
Carl Donnelly
Carl Donnelly - Comedian Extraordinaire!
Luke Wright
Luke Wright - Poet. Rarely Smells
Mitch Benn
Mitch Benn - Trust me, if I were lying to impress you, I wouldn't be pretending to be Mitch Benn.
Jason Cook
Jason Cook - I tell jokes. I am a Geordie. I live in Manchester.
Gary Delaney
Gary Delaney - Lacking in Social Skills One-Liner Merchant. I shamelessly test new jokes on Twitter.
Matt Green
Matt Green - Comedian and actor
Terry Saunders
Terry Saunders - standup comic - often bored
Gerry Howell
Gerry Howell - glorified mammal
Pappy's Fun Club
Pappy's Fun Club - UK-based sketch team. Catch us on tour around the country or at comedy festivals internationally.
Kent Valentine
Kent Valentine - Critically acclaimed, Australian, stand-up comedian, currently based in London.
Mark Watson
Mark Watson - Comedian, TV underling, novelist. Husband. Cat owner. Football pundit. Cider salesman. Huge New Pornographers fan. Left-handed. Nice.
Tom Craine
Thomas Craine - Tom Craine is a stand up comic, a writer, a worrier
Jamie Kilstein
Jamie Kilstein - Comic, cohost of Citizen Radio, seen on The BBC, contributes to Huffington Post and The Onion
Justin Moorhouse
Justin Moorhouse - Stand-up comic amongst other attempts
Rob Rouse
Rob Rouse - Comedian, writer, general fool
Nat Luurtsema
Nat Luurtsema - Tea-sodden clown
Pete Johansson
Pete Johansson - Stand up comic, traveller, playful thinker.
Andrew O'Neill
Andrew O'Neill - Vegan, transvestite metalhead. Comedian. Dr Who fan.
Jim Smallman
Jim Smallman - Comedian, idiot, binge eater of jaffa cakes.
Michael Legge
MIchael Legge - Comedian, blogger and KING OF EVERYTHING.