Gags in 140 characters - the Twitter Comedy Club

Comedians might take pride in delivering the perfectly crafted joke - but could they manage to keep the laughs coming if they could only use 140 characters a time?

That's what we'll find out on Monday night at 8pm, with the latest example of using Twitter for an unexpected purpose - turning it into a comedy venue.

The Twitter Comedy Club is the brainchild of comic Tiernan Douieb - and has a line-up that any traditional comedy club would be proud of, including top stand-up (and former Metro blogger) Mark Watson, musician and star of The Now Show Mitch Benn, and former if.comedy award nominees Pappy's Fun Club among others.

Each of the comics will do a ten-minute set, which the audience can follow using a secret hashtag (the most common way of following topics on Twitter) which will be revealed a few hours before the gig.

Like a regular comedy night, the audience can show their appreciation of the comics (presumably by typing 'LOL' a lot) - and they are also free to heckle, assuming they can keep their insults concise.
Of course, unlike traditional comedy clubs, there won't be a bar to keep the audience in good spirits, so the organisers have said they 'suggest getting a lot of drinks and lining them up by your computer.' Which sounds like a good idea to us.

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