Rob Heeney interviewed on Twitter by Angela Hunter

Rob Heeney is a comedian whose style has been described as ďa blend of bitterness, playfulness and cynicism wrapped up in a blanket of charmĒ. He made his first live TV appearance on Sky not long ago and they liked him so much, heís been invited to appear again in July.

Q: What is it about Twitcom that inspired you to get involved?
A: Tiernan Douieb asked me. There was no inspiration. Iíll perform anywhere. At home on my computer sounded a good place.

Q: How do you plan to adapt your material to suit the 140 character format?
A: Luckily my jokes conform to the standard 140 characters anyway, so I wonít have to shorten them to make them fiÖ.

Q: How do you think Twitcom will work on the night?
A: Itíll be interesting. I guess we wonít be able to tell if they liked us or not until the #follow friday comes out.

Q: Do you think you will miss the input of a live audience?
A: I wonít miss the hecklers, because unless I follow them, I get to ignore themÖ Pretty much all hecklers are dicks.

Q: Whatís your best and/or worst ever moment in stand-up?
A: Worst was having to get a packed commuter train to a Swindon gig at 6pm on a Tuesday. I wanted to slash my wrists. Best was making the front page of the Wrexham Evening Leader after offending the entire town via Youtube. They even sent me death threat emails Ö with very poor spelling I must add. Poor spelling makes the death threats sound more threatening.

Q: What are your favourite subjects, pet hates or things to avoid in comedy material?
A: I donít particularly avoid any subjects in comedy, although you try not to upset everyone.

Q: Do you have any further words of wisdom on Twitcom?
A: Twitcom is a great idea and a fantastic opportunity to showcase our funny stories to thousands of people, thanks to Tiernan Douieb.

Q: It sounds like youíre looking forward to Twitcom, do you have any special material prepared yet?
A: My setís pretty much written. On the night Iíll be cutting and pasting Ė like I normally do at gigs.

Q: Do you think Twitcom night will be a one-off or the first of many?
A: Iím sure there will be many Twitcom nights. Itíll outlive Twitter itself if you ask me.


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