Matt Kirshen interviewed on Twitter by Angela Hunter

Q: How did you get involved in the Twitter comedy project?
A: Tiernan asked me in a car on the way back from a gig – next thing I know, a date is set and I’m on a press release.

Q: If you weren’t a comedian, what would you be?
A: I’d be a frustrated, insufferable prick in an office. I get that out of my system on stage.

Q: Was there ever a time when you worked in an office?
A: Yes, but only temping. That and the toy dept of John Lewis. Best story from there – overhearing middle class toddler: “Mummy, why is that dolly black? Is it because it’s dead?”

Q: Guess that would appeal to your “sharp, surreal, often sick mind”. Do you get that from your mother or father’s side?
A: I’d say I get my sense of humour from my dad, and things to use it on from my mum.

Q: So your dad is the essentialist and your mum the existentialist of the family?
(Not sure there was a reply to this, but it could be considered a rhetorical question)

Q: What’s the weirdest heckle you’ve ever had?
A: This is cheating as I still mention it onstage, but it's the genuinely irony free "That's racist, you Jewish c***"

Q: Are you Jewish? If so, how does that affect your humour, does it give you a deep sense of irony?
A: I’m Jewish by birth but atheist by belief, but there is a rich tradition of Jewish humour, one I hope I won’t sully.

Q: How about the “post-adolescent cynicism”?
A: That came from an article by Bruce Dessau about 6 years ago. I'm yet to find out what it means.

Q: Is your real persona much different from your comedy persona?
A: My real persona is shyer, my comedy persona has nicer hair, my 3rd, secret persona dresses as a bear to fight crime.

Q What would you say is your greatest success and your greatest failure?
A: Greatest success is my son. Greatest failure is he came out wrong and has to be locked away from society's harsh gaze.

Q: Looks like you’re enjoying that ice cream. What’s your favourite flavour?
A: Flavor Flav. Delicious…


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